SQL Database Training

Sharpen your team's skills or get an independent expert review of your systems with a 1-on-1 session with The SQL Guy.

On-site training

I will help your team help themselves. Engage in an on-site training class, where I can give 1-on-1 attention to your staff and sharpen their skills to a fine point.

I have a series of classes, mostly 1-week long, which will focus on specific areas of SQL to make your team the best it can be. These classes include, lecture time, labs, practical applications, and addressing your specific business problems!


Robust Database Architecture

Design tables, referential integrity, and use normal forms to ensure a reliable and scalable database. 

Security First SQL

Secure databases to prevent breaches, theft, and damage. 

SQL Performance Master Class

Make use of normal forms, data types, indexes, partitioning, hardware balancing, and well-formed SQL to get the fastest data access in the industry. 

Application Meet Database

Learn how databases and applications work together for optimal security, scalability, performance, and teamwork.

Never Lose Data

Master the various tools to prevent data loss from any disaster.

Custom Classes

I will write custom curriculum to address whatever needs face your company.

Best Practice Reviews


Utilize my 20+ years of experience, multiple certifications, and extensive research and implementation with the SQL Server database platform.  I will review your systems, teams, and process to advise you on how to be safe, scalable, and efficient.