If you have lost data, time is critical to prevent further loss.  You need to recover quickly and not settle for a half-way job.  I have extensive experience in helping many corporations recover from and avoid disasters.  I will get you running quickly and with the highest quality outcome with minimal data loss.

Outage management


It is important to properly manage the state of your databases until you recover, so that you don't lose additional data and make things worse. I will manage your database state and advise your application engineers and public relations personnel on what to expect for recovery times.

Multi-Approach Recovery Strategy


Do you have full, differential, transactional, tail log, file, or server backups? Do you have replicas, reporting servers, audit logs, transaction receipts? I begin any recovery with a full audit of all tools available to us, and I combine them to provide the most complete restoration possible for your data.



Don't lose even more data because you are in a hurry. I backup all systems before my work begins to set a safe baseline, and I provide testing replicas of restored data to verify its integrity and completeness before allowing users back in.


Don't waste time


Outages can lead to lost productivity, sales, and customer confidence. Data loss can result in massive losses in labor, sales, and even law-suits.

I will get you operational quickly, safely, and completely. Don't panic. Don't make hasty choices. Do call an expert to have your emergency professionally managed for your best and safest outcome.

Loss Prevention Planning


Whether or not you have experienced a loss, prevention is always the best medicine. I can work with you to analyze your systems, your risks, and your precautions. I will help you define acceptable policies to prevent loss due to weather, hardware failure, theft, malware, negligence, etc. Know that the worse will never happen to you, because you are prepared.


  • Point in time recovery
  • Geographically diverse backup storage
  • Encrypted backups
  • Disaster recovery manual