Database Architectural Design


The core architecture of your database will determine its integrity, performance, and usability. Some mistakes can be easily fixed later, but others are very difficult to pick out once they are in place. I have over 20 years in data modeling and will help you put together a robust architecture for your SQL Server.

Table relationships

Entity relationships using tables is the core of a relational database. I use the Boyce-Codd normal forms and routinely normalize data structures to at least the 4th normal form to make your data reliable, fast, and user-friendly. I fully define primary and foreign keys with any appropriate constraints and defaults.

Data types

Careful consideration of data types is important to allow your data to grow while ensuring its integrity. It is also an easy way to decrease the size and increase the performance of a database.


Imagine being in a library with no catalog. How would you find the book you want without looking at every one? Proper indexing of databases can result in dramatic improvements to response times and overall performance. I employ a reasoned approach of weighing write vs. read performance to predict the best overall and strategic performance of your database.

SQL queries

Even a well-built database is only as good as the SQL code used to query it. I am an expert query writer, and I will provide reliable and performant stored procedures and views for the querying and modification of your data.


Database level security is the final layer of defense protecting your data from a breach resulting in theft, destruction, ransoming, or violating the privacy of your data. I will review your encryption, permissions, and other security strategies to ensure the safety of the data of yours and your customers.